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No till Planting

Farm mainly sugar beets and currently have a 1990-93 Monosem Ng Plus planter and cant find any row cleaners for it. Looking for help finding row cleaners and suggestions on some newer planters that are great for no till. Would like to stay 3 pt and has to be able to be 12 row. Anyone that's had experience no tilling sugarbeets under pivots would love to hear back from you as well. Thanks!

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I've got zero experience with sugar beets & Monosem planters, but for notillng and row cleaners I'd say it's a per farm issue. We used to run RC on our planters and always issue in high residue spots. Took them off one year and it was a relief to not have to waste so much time cleaning them out or changing bearings. One of the best decisions we made for our planter. Some guys really like them and think they are worth it. I've got some I'd sell you but not sure on the freight to get to MT from CO would be worth it. Maybe we just didn't have the "right" RC for our setup but still glad we went away from them.

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Thanks for the information, appreciate it.

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