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High Moisture corn, What’s the best way to process it?

We have been looking into purchasing a roller/hammer mill to process HMC for a few years now and have finally decided to take the plunge, but what type? I have heard good things about using a tub grinder that can double to process our hay the rest of the year, which we have custom done now. Does the more consistent roller mill pay? Does the inconsistency of hammer mill and through put pay? We don’t feed any dry corn so off season grinding isn’t an issue but then again we change what we do every year it seems like. Also hope talking about wet corn will some how make it rain for everyone that is in need! Thank you all!


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We do get some fines. There are some inconsistent sizing but the fact that we have the kernel broken up makes the grain much more usable. We normally mix with wet feed, either silage or haylage as well as using MDGS.

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This is a late response but we have used a roller (slow, unless you have a huge roller), tub grinder (convienent if you are grinding hay also, but kind of a pain you have to be aware of belt buildup and moving grain away. We now use a rotogrind hammer mill, works really well can grind with almost any tractor although high horsepower helps. It will grind any grain. We use it for dry and wet cor...



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Do you have any issues with fines from the hammer mill? Our nutritionist feels hammer mills make very inconsistent particle size and that can lead to issues.

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Agreed best machine I ever used

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Horning shredder mill is by far the fastest and easiest machine to control the grind, from powder meal to just cracked. They take the least horsepower of all grinders we've tried. They make a grinder bagger, grinder blower, and and auger out machine. Send me a message if you want me to get you their contact info. **********

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We have used both and it really depends on how wet the corn is and how fine you want it. The hammer will make it finer but takes way more HP and fuel then a roller will. If you just want to crack it the roller is the way to go.

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We have a hammer mill and it works great for us. We change the screens to get it finer or a bit flakier

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