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Does anyone have experience running STP disc openers made by Prescription Tillage Technology?

Looking for pros and cons. Would be going on John Deere 1770 planter in conventional tillage fields.

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Ran a couple sets this spring on our caseih 1200 row unit.

IMO they aren’t worth the money on a caseih row unit with a leading disc. They may be worth it on a JD planter in high residue.

They wore faster than the factory caseih blades.

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We run them on our 1200, we plant a lot of double crop beans after wheat and really liked how they cut through the straw even when the straw was tough, as far as wearing it seems like they are weary pretty fast but not sure on that yet.

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Yes, 600 acres no-till, the company’s premise is that farmers have a opener issue not a closing wheel issue for the reason of poor furrows...using the STP disc for one year I would say this is true. I had the best furrows and closure over a variety of soil conditions. I still used my YetterManufacturing poly nob closing wheels with drag chain and did not have furrow voids and plenty of loose soil above the Keeton firmed seed. I was very pleased with the results but with the excess rains, washed out some furrows on hills. I’m planning to put OEM closing tires back on in 2020 to firm the ground more and still use the STP blades.

Because of the sawtooth blades they do appear to have worn more than OEM but maybe it’s visual thing, the company instructions warn about not shimming too tight because of the blades are different dia. with the leading edge so they actually turn at different if too tight the blades wear each other. Other thoughts...they are heavy/ well built so expensive, so purchase around discount farm show times and Kinze dealers have a discount arrangement with factory, always use a good/new seed firmer, do not plant shallow ( less than 1 1/2” ) and not real slow because the side wall is collapsing as your planting.

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Second comment, with conventional till I don't see much advantage because your side walls are already loose. The only advantage is the far superior bearings to OEM.

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I bought the stps blades because I have some rocky fields and I’m not impressed. I also had trouble keeping the blades timed to each other. They take more down pressure than standard blades and I still had closing wheel issues. I do like the bearings and bearings hubs that bolt together. Maybe the more aggressive notched blades would work? The non serrated blades might be worth the extra cost over factory blades because of the durability.

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