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How far are you willing to travel for a better basis market ,and still make it more profitable?


Verified FBN Member (NE)

Distance don’t matter all about end profit. If to far can always hire trucks.

Verified FBN Member (WV)

For corn, local basis here is even to .10 over. I can go 60 miles to get +.75, and I sometimes have a non GMO feed mill that is 107 miles away that I sell to. Its usually +1.00 CBOT. With the amount of traffic here, we can only run 2 loads per day per truck. I figure I spend .18/bushel operating cost to send grain that far away. It's well worth it but we have a unique corn market here with all the...



Verified FBN Member (MO)

We haul 135 miles 1 way and haul fertilizer back. Compared to local prices usually gain 3500.00 per load. Fertilizer here is a ripoff central mo.


Verified FBN Member (SD)

We will haul beans up to 150 miles. Corn around 50 miles

Verified FBN Member (CO)

We’ll travel up to 100 miles round trip. Usually we can find better basis for corn & milo east or south into KS. Farther than that and we’ll look into hiring it done.

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We haul our soybeans out of the bin 120 miles round trip corn is about 50 mile round trip.

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