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Damages from oil field operations

Damage rates for trenching, siesmec trucks ect both in season and off season?

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In my area it will be X dollars per acre , usually based on the crop. For access it can vary , don't be afraid to ask the neighbour. We don't expect to get more but sure don't want to take less. Don't sign the release after the work if the cleanup is not to your liking either.

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I have some experience in this. You should let your attorney review the contract first and foremost. Contract should include no wet work, all sensors and wires removed promptly for field work. The contractor who went across my land said “it’s cheaper to pay damages than let the trucks and crew sit when wet” lol turned out not so much. Do not agree for them to fix damages. We had our entire no-till rotation thrown out of cycle because we had to correct the damages they did. The per acre rate that is paid going in is a access payment. Inanimate domain does not mean they can trash your fields for the very little amount they pay up front. They paid dearly on our farm.

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