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I'm looking at replacing a wheel tractor with a caseih rowtrac. Anyone with experience with them?

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Yes but it was not pleasant. I have 1 of the 1st gen RowTrac's we replaced the tracks at 2400 hours because they were burned up from heating up to much on the road, we have also replaced/refurbished 12 boggy wheels because of the same issue, we put new tracks on this spring the tracks are a lot thicker and stay cooler on the road. I would caution you don't buy a first gen unless it has been overhauled and stay away from 16"-18" tracks. Other than that it's a heavy unit so it can cut a deep rut on the smaller track size. The tractor is governed at 17.5 or 18mph so if you have tho travel it will take more time

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The reports I’ve heard are the 24 inch track machines are a dream, the narrow undercarriage tractors 16/18 inch tracks wear out quickly and have a road speed limitation. There are supposed to be new 21 inch tracks to go on narrow machines to solve this.

What are your intended applications for the rowtrac?

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Interested also, demoed a rowtrac and the performance in the field was far smoother than a wheeled machine. This was on 18" tracks. Slow road speed but felt that the ride in the field was a worthy trade off. I only ran it on a side dress machine just to get a feel for it but my impression was over all good.

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What year is the dividing line? Between 1st and 2nd gen

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We have run a 400 since 14', we are in narrow row 20", and knowing then what I know now we probably wouldn't own it, my opinions here, too heavy for narrow tracks, should have ordered it on 120" centers, 400hp is under powered, had to chip it our 315 magnum could out pull it on grain cart, hope you don't have to climb in and out alot, steps will kill you, loud engine noise compared to 550 quad, pto rattles when you turn with it running, case tells us that's the way they are scares the crap out of me at every turn, make sure you have high vol hyd pump, tracks have treated us fairly well if I ever had to replace would go to wider belts, thinking about getting rid of it and replace with something better to fit our operation

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Have experience with both a 500 quadtrac and a 310 on 24" with no spacers. Have the 24" big tires on the front, it makes the tractor look a lot bigger than it is. It's definitely as smooth in the field and looks smooth. We don't have any problems with seeing tractor tracks in the field after using it to plant, our bigger problem is the 1240 center pivot planter on triples making marks. Only shakes partially on the road when its bumpy, but it doesn't shake enough to bother you. We only have 175 hours used on a lease in its first year. The track system seems proficient. It just seems like if you're comparing magnums to steigers (I.E. FWD to 4WD), the 4WD are a better machine. There is a reason magnums don't have the resale value. I'd love to be able to try a RT magnum on tillage and replace a heavy quadtrac, just doesn't seem strong enough to handle that stress.

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