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Any experience with running sprayer boom widths that don’t match up with your planter?

Ex. 90’ sprayer over 40’ planters.

I’m a perfectionist, so an 80’ sprayer would match up, but 80’ sprayers are not common. There are a lot more 90’ and 100’ sprayers out there, and a 120’ boom would be too big for our operation (a lot of field sizes smaller than 20 acres).

Just wanted someone’s experience and opinion.


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I have no problems running 90 ft sprayer with 60 ft planter. Auto section shutoff is worth the money.

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We have 40 foot planter and 90 foot boom on Deere sprayer.. border the field with 90 feet spraying so sprayer tire runs between guess row.. then have 5 foot sections we shut off on each side of boom so spray the rest of field at 80 so every other planter track we are running down. Think are boom sections are plumbed 5.. 25...30...25....5 this way after we border the field we hop in next planter tack and it lines up with the shut offs then shut the 5 feet off on both sides of the boom and spray at 80. If this makes any sense but has worked good for us!

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Thanks! I had no idea what the boom sections were, I just figured it would be the same width for each shutoff.

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