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Editing field list in FBN

Is there an easy way to edit field names and boundaries in FBN? I have some that are wrong, wrong name, wrong farm, need to be moved, ECT. And a couple boundaries that aren't correct. It seems virtually impossible to fix these.

I can't be the only guy who has data coming off monitors misnamed occasionally and need to be able to fix?

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Hey **** - thanks for your question. You can do this via the website by clicking Field Roster under the Account dropdown menu. I've attached a screenshot below.

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If you need to edit your boundaries, you can do that by clicking the Add Farms and Fields option (below Field Roster). Tap the field you'd like to edit and you can adjust the boundary however you'd like. Please keep in mind that at this time if you edit a field boundary you'll lose all of the events and data associated with that field in FBN and you'll need to re-upload the info for that field.

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