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What is the best residual herbicide to control grasses in corn?

We have been running a lot of capreno the last couple years, and it's done alright, but wondering about changing our program to be more flexible with following crops such as millet or yellow peas.

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Depending on your tillage practices, irrigation, & fertilizer, & row spacing etc, I would say any of the group 15s at a full rate will be hard to beat. *************-P, acetochlor or metalochlor are all great. Pyroxasulfone and metalochlor both require a lot of water to activate but have longer half-lives and longer persistance in the soil than others. Rotational interval for peas on outlook is only 4 months, ***** is 9-11 months on edible beans. Price wise, you will probably be getting your best bang for your buck with a metalochlor or S-metalochlor such as Metallica or Moccasin 2 plus. A lot of the metolachlor products are labeled for use in various peas and lentils, so your safety issues on rotation issues would likely be least with those.

Also depends on which type of grasses you fight? Is it more green and yellow foxtails or more wooly cupgrass or fall panicum.

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All dryland, 30" 12k pop, all no till into stripper stubble.

This is helpful, simply because we've only tried acetechlor before and none of the others so it's one of those where do you start?

Mainly would be holding back cheat, and goat grass along with volunteer wheat.


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Cheat goatgrass fall annuals very sucsebible to roundup along with the vol wheat spray it with heavy roundup twice these other herb for pigweed foxtail summer annual weeds ******

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