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Experience/advice on trying to make wifi available to the whole farm? Boosters/extenders

Trying to find something to take the wifi signal to the whole farm and out to the grain bins and to the barn. Many wifi extenders out there but not sure what to try first.

Anyone have any experience or advice?

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Had had my Ayrmesh hub/antenna for 3-4 years now. It's on top of the house. I know it's just Ubiquity hubs and receivers but they remotely set it up. Literally plug and play. We use it as our router in our house, to bring in wifi into the shop, and two 1080p cams I move around. I use the cams to monitor dryer, heifers, weening, etc. I bought a receiver with it but not really sure I needed it. If you have a weak signal or trying to get into a metal building or a non line of sight you'll need one or more. I've pulled a useable signal a couple miles away. Half mile is pretty easy if it's line of sight.

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Great question!! and thanks ****!! I've been researching boosters, etc for months and never heard of Ayrmesh!? Sounds like exactly what I'm looking for!!

The Network does it again!! ;)

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Actually google would have answered it just as well.

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We've been happy with the ubiquiti products we've used. I would not recommend engenius products we've had trouble with our bridges on metal buildings cutting out constantly when hot

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+1 on Ubiquiti products. We set up a 5+ mile wireless link between our main shop and our bin/dryer setup for video surveillance about 4 years ago.

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