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I am thinking of putting cows out on a share or lease. What would be fair? Is anybody interested?


Verified FBN Member (OK)

30/70% split here the guy doing the work get 70%, and feed. Basically pays everything.


Verified FBN Member (NE)

That seems like it should work for both.

Verified FBN Member (MT)


90-10 split of calf check, 3-7 year olds, 10 year old blacks automatic post weaning trip to fall sale barn, char x bred, cattle owner responsible for death/dry loss immediate replacement with like kind animal up to 5% after 5% lessee replaces. Nothing mean, or wild. Not interested but leases are tough to make work today.


Verified FBN Member (NE)

Lessee responsibility for vet, minerals, trucking, bulls etc?

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