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I have a chance to put up 7 systems to cover 500 acres 2 full circles and 5 windshield wipers ranging in 1280 -1750' in length's to get to 500 acres New systems are $90,000 each and too many things with production and marketing need to go perfect to service the debt on that much new iron. So I am looking for used pivots. I have 3 pivots now and we generally run 4-500 hours a year in corn in July and August to meet crop water needs. Edible beans or Soy beans only need 3 shots of .75" a week in August to make a super good bean crop. I have a Valley dealer grew up 4 miles away from the project. So looking for Valley's then Zimatics or Reinkes. T-L's are a hard no.

So would you put up corner arms and upgrade to gps on a used corner arms and how much headaches are the corner arm add on. or should I just ad more windsheild wipers to the project ?


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Have a neighbor who put up 2 brand new corner walkers. He would not do them again. They are buried wire type, not GPS. Even if the corner ma...


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I would suggest going with more wiper pivots. Corner arms are good but 90 % of the time that there’s a problem with the pivot it will be the...



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I think adding GPS to the swing arms is a safe bet. Not much has changed structurally to each of those OEMs designs so they retrofit equipme...



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