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Dry fertilizer storage and blending question?

For those of you who get your own fertilizer and store it on farm, what structures do you use to store the fertilizer and how do you blend it?

Im thinking about purchasing some hopper bottom bins, but Im not sure if it would flow? Would it be better to build a cold storage shed with cement floor so it would serve as cold storage in winter and fertilizer storage in the spring?

Whats the cheapest or most efficient way to blend?



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The best way is to have retailer blend. Prepay early for best price and pay storage if need to. At $2-3 a month fees for 3-4 month costs $1000-$1200 for a 4000 bu/100 ton hopper bin. Then you need same blend in entire bin or multiple bins for each product and need multi unload units or move for each batch. Flat storage will have dust film all over and collect moisture all year, need mixer wago...



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A guy on Ag Talk last year said that he used a TMR mixer.