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Soybean Harvest Progress - 10/3/19 (Poll Results)

We’re kicking off the FBN Soybean Harvest Progress Poll this week! FBN members in Louisiana, Mississippi & Arkansas have reported that soybean harvest is well underway on their farms. While states like Tennessee, Kentucky, Kansas & Ohio recently started.

Stay tuned for additional harvest progress updates throughout October!

Notable quotes from the field:

“25% done. There’s 13%-14% moisture. Yields are 20% less than what they should be. Little bit of hail earlier in the season.” - Nebraska

“0. Week to 10 days out. Green stems and pods.” - Iowa

“0%. 2 weeks before starting” - Indiana

"0% Just had another inch of rain" - South Dakota

“0% SW WI. Haven't seen anyone run yet.” - Wisconsin

What does your timeline look like?

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    Soybean Harvest Progress - 10/3/19 (Poll Results)


Verified FBN Member (WI)

We need it to dry out . We continue to get rain . A good frost would help dry things down . Our corn on the other hand is close but not at ...


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