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What is the best credit card to get for using on the farm? online parts and other purchases etc...


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Capital One venture....2x miles. You can use the miles for anything.

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Amex business. 2% flat back. No bs. Awesome interface online. Limit flexes up as you pay on time.

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Capitol One spark business. 2% cash back on everything!

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I use a PayPal Mastercard and get a flat 2% cash back on every purchase with no fees.

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I really like my discover card. 1-5% back depending what I buy, and more than once they have notified on some fraudulent activity on my credit report. Every minor issue is a simple fix and gets done quickly

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Spark Business 2% cash back is a great card.

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Capital one Spark 2% cash back or capital one Spark 2x miles ... does cost $95/year

I think there is a free version it's like 1.25% cash back or 1.25 miles...

Stay at a hotel you can get reimbursed with miles... decided to take a trip get reimbursed with miles...

I dont see alot of benefit to cash back unless you deposit that in a separate account to put towards something fun or help pay down...


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Spark business from Capitol One gives %2 cash back on every purchase. I'm very happy with that.


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What are you wanting? Rewards points? Cash back? Airline miles? Lots of options out there.

I personally opt for cash back, and my main card gives 2% back on all purchases. I also have two special purpose cards: one gets me 5% cash back on fuel, and the other I get 5% cash back on Amazon. All my cards have $0 annual fees as well.


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Amazon credit card gives 5% cash back only on amazon purchases... if you wait to sign up til you have a purchase... I think they give you like 30-50% of your purchase just for signing up for amazon credit card

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Which is this that give you 5% back on fuel and Amazon?

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