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How many guys Land Roll soybeans after planting?

Been kicking it around especially in low ground to keep the combine platform level as much as possible. A couple guys locally are currently doing it and they seem to like it just for field “flatness” and to push stones down.

We currently vertical till in fall and again in spring with a Salford and plant with a Deere no till drill.

Running a 25’ platform on combine.

How many guys Land Roll soybeans after planting?
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I have been rolling my soybeans for years. Originally thought I saw more water puddling after rolling but didn't not see any adverse affects from it. Really nice to combine a rolled field to not rolled. I have not had a rock go into my head in years. We do need to pick the larger ones just because the roller can only push a rock down so far, depending on how loose your soil is in the spring.

I have been rolling my corn stalks before I plant the soybeans. The row units ride so much better without any of that trash on top and I really dont need the row cleaners. Going to test rolling before I plant corn as well.

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We have been rolling for quite a few years. For the most part when we were ripping and field cultivating, I didn't like it except for the harvesting benefits. I thought it made for a bit more erosion. However, we raise seed beans so it dramatically cut down on the amount of dirt going into the combine from old corn rootballs. Now that we are no till, we don't have the root balls, but we roll anyway as it makes harvest easier with a lot less debris catching on the cutterbar. It also pushes the small rocks into the soil.

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We are rolling v 3 beans to get more branching and the side benefits of no stones and faster cutting speeds. Year over year 4-5 bushel bump.

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Anybody else seeing a yield bump from rolling after emergence?

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We roll all our beans after planting for the last 5 years. Haven’t seen a problem yet but be careful in wet conditions. We do the same tillage your doing for most acres. Do about 25% no till in our light ground but still roll do to the occasional rock kicked up by trash whips

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Thanks Everyone for the input!

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We always do anytime a header might have to be on the ground we roll it

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