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Hahn Hi Boy $5,100

Booms go up and down and in and out thru the hydraulics-

started it today (running in 5 seconds ) machine is out and available.

Hahn Hi boy

Ford Industrial engine-strong runner.

45 foot boom =300 gallon stainless steel tank

Drop nozzles included could be converted to y drops

100 brand new nozzles included

2 wheel transport cart included

front wheel sheild included

This is a 3 wheel machine driven by the back 2 wheels=goes thru a lot

have a lot of pics-text or call phone # I will text back pics

clean machine not all bent up or rusted.

    Hahn Hi Boy
Year: 1994
Condition: Used - Good


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I would like to see some pictures of your sprayer as well

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probably not on the hauling- shed doors should be able to open in a day or two.

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do you have ability to haul it to ********? You do have pics or wont until the doors unfreeze?


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Shed is open got the pictures-give me your cell # and I will text them to you.

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