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Sprayer Recommendations

Looking to buy a pull type sprayer in the 800-1100 gal range, 40-60 foot boom, and a hydraulic driven pump, not PTO. Im coming from a specialty crop background and am not too familiar with row crop sprayers and manufacturers.

Does anybody have any recommendations on brand or model? Im seeing a lot of Bestway and Hardi sprayers for sale in my area. Anything to stay away from?

Thanks for the help.


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We run a Top Air with 90 foot booms. It’s a 2006 model and we really like it. They seem to be well built. I would buy another one. They would have all that you would need as far as size and pump.

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Thanks for the info!

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Do you have an idea of how many acres you intend to spray per year? I’ve got an older Summers 1500 gal with 100’ booms. It was only built to about 80% of what it needed to be and I’ve had to fix a lot of things on it, but many things I fixed bigger and beefier than they were and haven’t had any problems since. I’ve never looked at Hardi up close, so I can’t comment. Bestway seems simple, but maybe not up to standards in build strength if you’re going to push it very hard. Top Air in the other hand seems to be about the heaviest built pull type sprayer on the market, plus probably has the most features.

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