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Any ideas on how to increase soil pH?

After years of adding sulphur to our canola fertilizer blend for seeding the soil pH has depleted (6-6.5). Ideal levels are 7-7.5. Some farmers are adding gypsum but it’s expensive and need a floater to apply. Just curious if anyone is experiencing the same and any alternative remedies.


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Agree with the comments above, we use ground limestone and need to apply a few tons per acre about every 4-5 years to maintain our pH's in t...


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Where we farm, Willamette valley, Oregon. Acidic soils are common. Ground limestone is applied to raise soil PH. We can barely get our soils...


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You can add pelletized lime to dry fertilizer. It is only a temporary fix however, it will need to be applied every year. We spread ground l...


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