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New Grain Bin/Storage Cost Per Bushel

I am looking at investing in grain storage. I know what some locals guys have paid for new grain bins in the past, but what is a reasonable cost for a new 42’ 7 Ring GSI bin with approximately 33,500 bushels of storage including Fan/Straight out Powerhead(with motor)/Spreader/Concrete and labor?


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I thought it was very reasonable anyway it’s definitely worth checking around out of four quotes the bin I bought was $25,000 less than any of the other quotes Plus I am helping to build it and I help on the concrete so that probably save me some money right there

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I am halfway through building a 48 foot seven ring Sioux grain bin with projected bushels at 43,914 peaked my total cost with concrete,bin, and labor including electricity and erection of bin is going to be $1.80 a bushel


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That’s extremely cheap…

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$3.60 a bushel I was quoted two weeks ago for a 55,000 bushel bin. That was turn key though, and included a conveyor to spout it off of my grain leg.

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