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***************** 8420 pull a 1000 bushel auger cart?

Looking at possibly updating wagons from a 640 to a 1051 kinze. Will a John Deere 8420 be enough tractor to pull it?


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Something to think about: The most important part of combining is keeping the combine running non-stop. Not loading a semi in one dump. If a semi has to wait a few minutes it does not cost you money or efficiency. A combine not combining 5 to 15 minutes per hour costs you money and efficiency. Think about having two 625 bushel grain carts, can be pulled by JD 4640’s, far less compaction, and you c...


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Response deleted by author

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We ran an 8320 on our 1196 Brent. Worked just fine. Also had ILS which helped with front duals. Switched to a 1396, thought we needed the 8320R, for the heavier draw bar and brackets.

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Maybe not a big deal, but pulling it is one thing, power to turn the pto is another thing to think about. When I upgraded carts, the power it took to run a full auger was almost more of an issue than moving the cart around the field. The other factor is operator, a skilled operator can make an undersized tractor work long after your general run of the mill steering wheel holder has seriously scre...



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Curious about this also. We are going from a J&M 750 to a 1432 this fall and an 8420 is our largest tractor currently. It’s fully weighted but I’m still a bit nervous about some of our hills. Almost twice the cart as we had previously but we wanted to be able to fill a semi in one shot.

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Yes we we pull a 1k with a 8430JD


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We did here in north Texas but we don’t ever have any mud to fight


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