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Does anyone have any opinions as to to the best GPS for the money?

In 2004 I purchased light bar and it is time to upgrade it. What I want is a graphic display of where I have been planting, spraying, and have skipped. I only have 450 acres so financially the big bells and whistles are out of the question. Nevertheless, if reasonable I would spring for auto steer as most of my fields are between 900 feet to 2100 feet long and it is easy to lose my place. On wider equipment I put wireless backup cams to reduce over laps or missed spots but this is getting to require to much attention. I map by pen on photocopies of my field maps so yield maps etc. I do manually by recording stopping points on the combine. Thanks for any info that you want to share.


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Agleader is a very reliable platform and easy to use (basic light bar with mapping $2200) but Trimble maybe cheaper and and more option like ezpilot for cheaper auto steer. Trust me spend the money trade ur tractor if not auto steer ready and go hydraulic steering especially with rows that short.

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**** Deere 2600’s do all the applications you mentioned, with auto trac you can find used for around $3500, without auto trac maybe around $1200?, Atu 300 is around 1500 new from Deere, receivers new are around $4000 I believe, but you can buy an ITC for $100 if you don’t want the auto trac, supposedly they are going to be obsolete for steering in January, but I have been told they will still func...


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