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Corn Harvest Progress Update - 10/1/19 (Poll Results)

In this week's poll, members reported that harvest progress is at a near standstill. Very little progress has been reported since the last FBN Corn Harvest Poll on 9/19/19. In the image this week, we have included the USDA 5 year average corn harvest progress for comparison.

Notable quotes from the field:

"0 percent with 29 moisture" - South Dakota

"Big fat zero" - Minnesota

"0%. Was going to start today but it rained again" - Nebraska

"0% mid May planted 110 day is just black layered. Most late corn isn't even half milk line." - Iowa

What growth stage is your corn in?

Click the image to enlarge.

    Corn Harvest Progress Update - 10/1/19 (Poll Results)


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My corn needs another week at least to Black layer. Doesn't look like it's going to happen

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