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W seed trench on a John Deere 1720

I put brand new disk openers on both sides of my planter. I thought I put the right amount of shims in but still have this problem.

W seed trench on a John Deere 1720


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Trade them all in for harvest international precision planter


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Yes... trade it in for a case planter that weighs twice as much as a deere that should solve your problem


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Worked for us…

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If your tool bar is not level this will happen because your blades are not cutting in the right spot. Adjust and try again


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Not familiar with your kind of planting or dirt, what is your organic matter there? Just curious.


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Make sure contact distance of the openers are correct. Not sure on a 1720 but on a 1790 it's between 2" and 1 1/2". Manual will tell you what it is for your planter. If you've got those to spec then my guess is the planter bar is not level.


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Try these. Yours are wore out.


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Trade it for a case ih planter


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No option for thumbs down... but I formally submit one in any case ( pun intended)

Verified FBN Member (TX) There ya go that will fix your problem hopefully..


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Make sure to install the openers to correct calibration. I believe its 3 1/2 inches of contact at front of openers. Google it or get info from manual. Worth the time , we calibrate ours 3 times a year on 6 row on 1800 acres


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2-1/2 inches. Take two business cards and slip in from top and bottom measure the distance between them

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I like the Acra-plant seed tube guards or whatever them things are called. They eliminate that problem. You might try tipping your planter ahead a little. I’m used to a three point planter so it’s not a big deal to shorten the top link a little.