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Farmer2Farmer V - Are you here for the action?

If you're in Omaha for Farmer2Farmer, help us bring the magic to the rest of the FBN network. Use this thread to post your thoughts about the conference, share takeaways from sessions, and even as a place to coordinate with new connections.

Not at the show? You can tune into our live coverage! https://www.farmer2farmer.ag/live

    Farmer2Farmer V - Are you here for the action?


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Check out all vendors...you can learn something from each one even though you may never use their product...sometimes what you learn is just a life lesson


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Solid first day. Great crop circles, trade show has some pretty neat vendors, and ****** has one heck of a story. Excited for tomorrow!

My biggest takeaway was from ******’s mindset on starting a new challenge or habit. Just start small. Extremely small even. Then keep moving forward, step by step.


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How can you beat the odds if your not here .. we as farmers need to join together, network, community, save.