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What is the best way to keep track of scale tickets/grain inventory?

With many truck loads coming in and out of a farm, is there an app or tool to keep track of loads real time?


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Digi star scale box works well. But the libra system is even better.

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Farm at Hand is a great app for keeping track of grain inventories and contracts. I have been using it on our farm for about 5 years. I just purchased Libra Cart this year. The data from Libra Cart can be transferred into farm at hand I believe.

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Another vote for Libra cart. Of all the techonology I've bought over the years I cant think of anything that was this easy to install and just worked. We also kept duplicate entries manually on paper for the first week because we didnt trust it and it was spot on. We run two carts and the operators sync the ipads every night and I can go home and pull it up on my computer. We had a crop insura...



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We run 2 kinze 1050 carts w/scales. They each have a digi farm 560 indicator that autolog and auto zero with the pto rpms. We also connect to each using the REAP app by scaletec via blutooth. This records off the indicator straight to the cloud. We still keep hand ledger as well as a backup to ensure our record keeping is up to snuff.

Verified FBN Member (MB, CAN) This start-up company has it all and well organized. Trouble is they don't have it available yet in NA. They had talked of integrating with Libra.

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We have run the Libra scale app for 3 or 4 seasons now. Excellent investment. It tracks each cart load automatically when it senses a dump and uses a client/farm/field type menu to assign the commodity weight to a specific field/truck/bin or elevator. We still back up with a paper log, but the electronic log and the ability to export the records as csv files makes field records accurate and organi...



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I use libra scale and it'll keep track of all fields, individual truck loads and bin inventory, great for the investment.


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Look at libra scale works great for me


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There are companies that will link your grain cart scale to a database.

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Not sure what the pricing would be for ********* but it would be what your looking for.

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