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My 8410 JD is really loud. Almost can’t stand next to it when running. Is that normal?

I love the tractor. Excellent power to weight.


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I don’t know if the 30 series pad will fit the 00 cab, that’s where I stole the idea from.

Yes a good headliner is critical to absorbing that noise.

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Thanks. Will need to look into “dynapad” ....probably need to replace headliner (which is pretty good) and the door and window seals.

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My old Stieger with a chrome power enhancer (6" straight pipe) on an 855 cummins is that way, would guess an 8410 isn't supposed to be that way, but never been real close to one.


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The older 8.1 is significantly louder than the 9.0 of the 30 series and newer. I can’t say that I ever thought my 8200 or 8400 was too loud to stand next to but definitely louder than my 8230.

I added dynapad under my floor mat of my 8200 and 8400 and that helped in the cab a lot I thought. I also put dynamat behind all of the interior and under the hood of those tractors and never could get them...