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Anyone using FBN’s grain marketing service? If so how did you like it?

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I signed up a week or so ago. Haven’t got the ability to login to that function yet, but I’ve been busy in the sprayer so when things calm down I’ll bug them about it. So far I get text alerts about markets and their marketing podcast and then a daily email about the markets. The email is pretty helpful, text alerts so far are so so. I’ll let you know more when I do more with it.

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I have used the service since it was first available. I have been very happy. I have used FBN for some independent hedge to arrive contracts that have worked well for me. Our field reps have been very good and meet with me and get a good feel for my marketing needs and break even prices. I like their marketing philosophies in that when a prices are at a profitable level we start looking at locking some commodity in. I also think that even though I had the right instincts, having a paid advisory service gets me to pull the trigger.

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