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Anyone have experience with a frame weight distribution kit?

I'm looking at maybe adding a frame weight distribution kit to pur 2013 Deere 1770NT planter. It's a center fill and we already run tracks on it instead of the standard pizza cutters. Any experience with this? Is it worth it?

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Thanks. Ours is not an exact emerge but I can see where that might matter. I bet the singulation with that thing is awesome.

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I think it is more important than individual downforce per row on a large ccs planter. This is my opinion.

If you can weight the bar from center to tip evenly seed depth control will be much better. We don’t really see any pinch rows behind our 24 row either. This includes planting in mud in 2019.

Obviously both bar distribution and individual hydraulic row downforce is better yet.

Your tracks would be much better than wheels

On an exact emerge or any true high speed planter you’ll also need hydraulic row downforce. The pneumatic setup cannot adjust at the speed.

I run an exact emerge at 10.5 mph and seed depth and spacing is near perfect.

I wouldn’t personally want a planter without it bar distribution After having it

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