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Are Dryland corn varieties now as tough as Milo on true DRYland?

Looking at growing either Dryland corn or Milo out here in the desert. I’m wondering if people are thinking the latest and greatest corn seed can be as tough when it comes to drought as Milo? Normal Dryland Milo yields here are probably 2500 pounds. Nobody does corn but I think I can grow it for close to same money and the corn is obviously worth more. I like the corn a lot more from a rotational aspect as well. What will it take for corn to make 2500 pounds? It’s not insurable here. Milo is insurable but might as well not be as total coverage is only around 50 an acre. Thoughts?


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I would agree that milo is much tougher. Also agree that more often than not, temps are in your favor when milo is pollinating than when corn is. As for insurance you could look at NAP through FSA or Whole Farm through your insurance agent.

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IMHO, corn is not even close to as tough as Milo. We are obviously not as dry as you, but not uncommon at all to find 100bu milo and 60-70 bu corn (or less and chopped for silage) in same year. Might be more of a function of heat at the wrong times.

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