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Army worms?

What are midwestern guys doing for Army worms in forage fields?

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Spray insecticide

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Seems sort of vague but easy enough I suppose. Thanks!

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Lambda-Cy plus imidicloprid is what local guys are using

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We have been using Dimillin here in Florida.

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Intrepid @ 4-6 ounces/acre in 17-20 gallons of water per acre. Also add a non-ionic surfactant

(Containing no alcohol or water conditioners).

21 days of protection. No hay, forage or grazing


Besiege also a great choice with 40+ days

of protection. Contains a pyrethroid that acts

as an ovicide and a contact killer teamed with a growth regulator affecting Lepidoptera only.

Prevathon another great choice with a very broad label. 35 + days of protection.

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This video is lengthy but might give you a better idea of what is going on in your fields.

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