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Is it worth an extra sprayer pass to keep a pre emerge herbicide out of fertilizer?

I've felt for years that adding a pre emerge herbicide such as SureStart/TripleFlex or Outlook when broadcasting fertilizer is not giving me quite as much bang for my buck. Local co-op has been doing it this way when they put down 28% before corn is up, but in my opinion the weeds that get hit with the 28% shutdown or "burn" before the herbicide can do any good. Does anyone have any data one way or the other on if it it should be in a separate pass? And is it worth it?


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The idea of pre emerge herbicide is also before weeds emerge. If you're no till then youll want a burn down. The pre chemicals target seed germination. Also chemicals that work in mn might be different from what work in ar

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Outlook isn’t going to kill weeds anyway. Not sure about the other two.

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