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How much yield is lost from planting 100 dAy corn in the middle of June versus 112 day on May 15


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New member cruising old topics. FWIW, I had some June 1st 100 day corn behind beans (in nc ks where that’s pretty agressive) make 143 when I’d be pretty happy with a 112 day number making 150 in wheat stubble planted the middle of May. But it was kind of a weird year..

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I'll let you know this fall. I'd like to see a row spacing plot on early, mid, and late planting. Narrow rows utilize more sunshine in the northern plains. Would that translate to anything with a late planting date with less sunlight to capture?


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We saw roughly a 40 bushel difference in 2018 between 109 day corn planted May 4/5 and 98 day corn planted May 25 so I think ***'s guess is in the ballpark. Your weed control should be much easier though, since you worked up the first flush by planting mid-June ;-/


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Here’s a stab at your questions using a couple rules of thumb. From maturity change 1 bu/ day , so 12 bu loss. Planting date 1 bu/day for last half May =15bu and 2 bu/ day for June= 30. =

57bu total? Thought it might be worse. Our mid May 110 day looks good, our early June 100 day is barely knee high.


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Those are the standards that I've always heard...and use for safe budgeting and marketing purposes!

We've had 100 day corn exceed 110 day yield when planted on the same day, so there's always hope!! :}

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