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Question for Charles Baron and/or Amol Deshpande

Gentlemen, is there currently any way that your customers can become investors in FBN as well? Has this been discussed?

I would be interested in exploring the possibilities. I realize the company is not publicly traded (yet) but there are ways to go about this.

Any thoughts (from anyone) would be appreciated.


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*******, this is exactly what I had in mind. I just don’t have the ability to put something like that together. Perhaps CSA could be the vehicle for this?

*******, I appreciate your position and I’m glad it’s on your radar. I think something of this nature could be a great opportunity for interested members. I hope you will consider it further.


Charles Baron
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Thanks for the support and being part of FBN Adrian! I appreciate the vote of confidence. We want all our farmer members to one day also be able to be shareholders, the cleanest way to do that is by being a publicly listed company. As a private company, there are a number of complexities in doing that before being public but we've been exploring what we can do.


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I can't get you into FBN, but at Ag Ventures Alliance, we run an angel investor network for farmers to invest in startups called Countryside Angels. We have two startups pitching on August 24.

******* and Amol - Can we put together a syndicate of members pre-IPO?!

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Yes, waiting to trade post IPO is not what I had in mind. But perhaps putting together a group of investors made up of current customers could be accomplished aimed at a future round of funding?

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They'll be IPO'ing sooner than later. That's probably going to be your best bet. If you want to get in early on the IPO maybe you can get in on the pre-IPO through Robinhood if it's offered there.