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Labor Costs

What is the going rate for a hired hand ? Only dry land grains ? It’s more than 1 person but finding some one with some what of a skill set , willing to work farm hours is increasingly difficult . Our last guy was 18 but hearing we need to be $20 plus . Not sure how to pencil that in.


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I paid 20/hr for my guy starting out last spring. Didn’t have babysit and could fix things. Started giving him free truck fuel and cash bonus for long hour weeks. After 6 months gave him a raise to 21.50 and 2 weeks paid time off.


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Our guy got $4500/ month. No benefits but plenty of free gas. Corn soybeans and few hogs. No Saturdays except during planting and harvesting. No Sunday’s at all !! Had 3 weeks time off. He was worth every penny but Is leaving us March