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I need out of the box any ideas you might have..

So there's a 126k grain storage working elevator with two dryers ...has a scale...nitrogen storage..small repair shop..sack feed building and more..on 1.4 what all different things could a person do with this..all ideas an thoughts welcome..for sure out of the box ones

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So is this a working agribusiness? If so buy it and run it with top-notch service. Take on a dealership for seed, chemicals, and fertilizer. Provide competitive pricing for local farmers, and sell the products to your own farm at relatively broker costs. So you'll lower your own inputs and make a few bucks on everyone else's inputs. You'll have storage for your own grain and have the opportunity to make 20-30 cents on everyone else's grain

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You could become an FBN community builder and sell product for FBN. Might even get to do speciality products for the grain marketing side too.

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Yes it's an active business..older man retiring

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