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How do most do share cropping?

Starting some organic farms with farmers I haven’t farmed with. All my equipment but they will run my equip sometimes. 40/60 ? Pay by the hour they run? Anyone with experience?


I am a farmer and these farmers only have hay equipment. We are just starting out with organic and also need more help on the farm. Hoping to keep these guys farming instead of just pushing them out


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Are you renting from or renting too? When you say sometimes they run is that your landlord wanting to run your equipment on land you’re renting from them? I guess I’m not sure exactly what your setup is and what type of share lease you’re looking at.

Our share leases are setup with our landlords on a 1/3 LL, 2/3 Us. We split crop, fertilizer, herbicide, & insurance down that line except for one t...


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