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Sizing wet storage bin for Corn dryer?

Wondering what considerations to make when sizing a wet hopper bottom bin for corn drying.

Fans for aeration a must or no?

Can dry about 700 bph split between batch topdry and continuous flow GSI. Both would pull from wet tank.

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How many bushel per hour can your combine shell? How many combines do you have? How late at night do you wanna work? How early do you wanna get started the next day? There’s so many more things you gotta know to determine that

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Midwest plan service book MWPS-13 is a great resource. My copy from 1987 has served me well! It goes through all of the fundemental calculations for sizing.

I will bet that the third edition fro 2017 is even better with modern sizing.

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OH is right as its not a straight answer. I have fans on my wet tanks so i can store 25% corn 30hrs outside air temp dependant and for moisture removal. Make sure you oversize fan and have vents to exhaust accordingly. I want my dryer to run 24/7 in 25% plus corn. I dont harvest on sunday. If I was 700bph from 8pm sat till 9am monday I would want bin and truck capacity of 25000bu. If its 8pm till 9am without shutdown then 9000 gets it done.

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I have a 500 bushel batch dryer. 8 row combine and a 3500 bushel wet bin....... definitely not big enough.

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I recommend a holding bin of 12 hours drying time. If you work real late at night and start very early in the morning, you could get by on a little less than 12 hours. You'll never regret having one that's bigger. Air is a large benefit to wet grain flow in a wet bin.

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We run a double wet bin setup mostly because we had the one from our previous dryer. We have a 10k bushel hopper bin and a 22k bushel aeration bin. That allows us to use the hopper bin to fill the bottom cone on the wet bin with dry corn. If your only using a flat bottom bin for your wet bin and you can't put a dry cone in the bottom make sure you fully empty it every few days I've heard to many horror stories. We run a continuous flow dryer. We are setup so that if we start combining at 9am (It usually takes that long to get everything fueled, greased, and dryer checked over) on are average yield and high teen moisture corn the wet bins fill up around 9pm and the dryer is just about out of corn when we start combining again the next morning or we will use whats in the trucks to keep it going tell we can start combining. Our goal is to never have to shut our tower dryer down during harvest it works best that way. Now how many bushels of storage it takes to accomplish that will depend on dryer capacity, yields, average moistures, and how much you can harvest in a day.

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