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Deer in soybeans

this is my first year farming, I have 20 acres of soybeans. I’m noticing lots of deer damage. Is there any way to keep them out of the field?


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Penergetic has seemed to work for some of my growers

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go out in the evening with a quad and run them off after doing this for a few nights they seem to stay away for a few days


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maybe try Penergetic b WV around the perimeter, heard it can be effective . They are real problem here in MN, .


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*****, I know your pain. Here in southern Maryland we have a really bad problem.

The only real solution is lead from bullets. We have tried different things, They make a sludge pellet here in Baltimore that work really well, for the first year, But if you spread them every year the deer just get used to the smell, work better if you use them every other year. there are also some repellents. we ar...



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