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Is selling space to advertisers on new equipment acceptable?

We have a new grain trailer coming to the farm at the end of March. It has a lot of white smooth space...we were jokingly considering selling advertisement space on it to our local vendors to help with the cost of the race car sponsors. Thoughts??

Is selling space to advertisers on new equipment acceptable?
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I don't see a problem, good advertisement for the business and benefits you financially, I say go for it!

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Thanks, we're just trying to understand the dynamics. Presently we advertise for vendors through " free apparel ", just would like some $$ to flow the other way! Thanks again for your insight!

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Great idea.

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I think it's a good idea for vendors, but also for any other businesses that may be in your area. My day job (that helps underwrite my farming habit) is in sponsorship sales. Depending on how far your trucks travel in the region, how often, etc., you may be surprised at what a restaurant, hotel or other type of higher-profile business may be willing to pay. Vendors may change for various reasons, so it gives you some diversification in who you can sell your space to. Just my $.02.

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