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Any reason not to convert air seeder 5 run fert setup to 6 run?

I have a morris maxim 34 foot 42 shanks (10 in spacing) with a morris 7240 cart. The cart and air system is set up as per the manual. 5 runs 8 and 9 way manifolds with the proper spacers and meter wheels to balance everything out.

What I want to do is switch to 6 runs with all 7 way manifolds. 6×7=42. Then remove all the spacers and put in 9 or 10 way meter wheels. No need for spacers to balance things out as all manifolds are now the same.

Right now I max out at 240 lb per ac for fertilizer from 1 tank so hitting the 300 I want for canola gets tricky and requires blending with seed. This should allow me to meter more from 1 tank (310 or 340 lb theoretically) and stay perfectly balanced across the machine. I would only modify the fertilizer distribution to 6 run which means 6 new meter wheels, 1 Under tank pipe and new hose to toolbar and 6 new manifolds

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