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Using a grain auger instead of a conveyor for dry fertilizer

Thinking of just using a 8 by 31 grain auger to unload and move dry fertilizer. Conveyors are so darn expensive. Has anyone done this and how does it work? Fertilizer can be corrosive and drag a lot.


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For those that treat their fertilizer with a Nitrogen Stabilizer, the augers can have significant coating buildup inside, and create a lot of friction, especially if fert is moist and humidity is high. Conveyors eliminate this problem and could open the opportunity to treat more of your dry fert with stabilizer products without buildup worries.

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I prefer using an auger instead of a conveyor (I used to build fertilizer blending plants, lots of experience with conveyors).

Conveyors are nice and quiet and fairly fast when they run nice, but they are a royal pain when they aren't quite right(tracking, rollers, tension, fraying, dry rot, belt slip, splice management) and a conveyor's max incline angle without a paddle belt is slightly less ...


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I have used a 8"x31' for fertilizer for years. Not a whole lot just 100ton a year or so when we are busy and need to have some on hand which I keep in an old grain truck. When I get done I just run some corn through it and never have had any problems. Just remember when you do run the grain through it to start off slow, the flighting may be a little rusty and need to get it shined up.

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I wash both my swing auger and straight auger out. I use a 2” hose and let the auger run.

Running some gain through to dry it is optional. ****** super 8x35 is 5 years old and is rust free. Handles 400 tonne of blend each year.

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Augers work fine. I have heard of guys using diesel fuel in some grain and run it through the auger to coat the inside when your done. I am not sure what to do with that grain, but you can get creative I am sure.


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That would work well too just a carrier to move the dsl up the tube.

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i have used sawdust and old oil can buy bagged sawdust from tractor supply

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I use both. A 1545 Brandt and a 1042 Brandt. Conveyor is easier on the fertilizer probably. Used to use an 8” as well. Very slow!

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I've used a older 13 by 85 for years and all I do is keep the intake covered and grease after use. Its been used for fertilizer for 10yrs. inspection doors are all broke off but duct tape works. i unload about 24 b-trains of fert a year, it was a retired grain auger. i have a conveyor and its much slower and it is kinda a pain to use when it gets below -15

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I have used a old auger, but it will only last a few years even if you try to clean it that fertilizer just eats it up. Finally bought a conveyor.


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Have done it before without difficulty. Personally I’d fined a older auger little more clearance plus your can pick them up for next to nothing. If worried about rusting at end of season run a few shovel fulls of gravel through.