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Killing waterhemp in non GMO soybeans.

Has anyone found a spray combination that will kill waterhemp?. Last year nothing seemed to work. Used Flex Star and Cobra. Weeds looked sick for a few days then greened back up. The only thing we did was burn the beans back. Any suggestions? Beans are non GMO.

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FWIW...We had been non-gmo beans for seed cost savings the last 4-5 years. Key word had...

I watched heavy dose of cobra burn a foot tall giant rag to a crisp 1st year. Week later it put out new leaves. We haven't been happy with the the fomesafen either...We just have had trouble finding anything to control that late flush that seems to pop end of June. We sprayed a valor mix pre w/Burn down. Have crystal clean fields early. Then generic flexstar post. Add in clethodim for grass. Was using outlook for residual in that second pass. That solved issues with giant rag and lamb quarters. Just couldn't get control of the waterhemp in spots the last couple years, and feel we are spreading that shit all over our fields.

Went all in on E3 seed this year... I know I am not helping you, sorry...I would love to be able to go back to non-gmo...some day. Our angle now is wanting to spray our terraces in season and get control of weeds and shrubs and small trees on them with the enlist. Off label I know!!! And hit those hot spots in the fields. We Did straight valor pre, planning generic liberty w/ warrant as residual post. Save the enlist for backup escapes.

Depending on how they yield, I am skeptical with these new GMO beans on profitability compared to good ole naked bin run nonGMOs. Just couldn't stand the weeds in spots of the fields during harvest.

Good luck! I got 40-50 extra bucks/acre in GMO seed cost, which takes 5-6 bushel more yield. Though the new herbicide plan is a little cheaper, so may only need a 3-4 bushel more to off set the seed cost.

Do you get a premium for your non-gmo beans? We were just doing it for seed savings.

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Yes, we get $1.40 per bushel premium. This year I have 200 acres planted into rye cover crops. Hoping that will help on controlling the waterhemp.

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That is a nice price. I hope you find something that works.

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The cereal rye has worked well for me. But do a good job at planting no skips , they turn into a weed patch you can not kill.

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6 oz Zidua Pro + 6 oz metribuzin pre

followed by your next favorite group 15 and flexstar post before you see any new weeds 26 days later. Once they are up you wont get them.

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Why would you run Zidua Pro?

In my opinion is wasted money.

6oz = 1oz Sharpen, 4oz Pursuit, 2oz Zidua

1oz Sharpen will have great burndown, but maybe 1 week of residual. To me that’s not worth the money, save it for Corn.

Pursuit is ok on the weeds it still controls. But look at all the ALS resistance. Why not save the pursuit for a post pass, if needed, to control that specific weed you are trying to target.

Zidua is a fantastic Group 15, but why do we want to use it pre? Save it for post. We already use Group 15s too much, in my opinion, using it pre in soybeans is just contributing to the resistance issue.

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It takes too much water to activate it. that is why they add chemical with it. it is a great chemical i agree, however weeds will germinate before water actiavtes it in dry years like this one in our area

It works here in central indiana and until we figure out something else we will keep using it.

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1 oz of sharpen has zero residual

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There is NO good post option.

The post PPO resistance is real and it’s in Illinois.

However, I always recommend, the beat weed to kill is a weed that’s not there...Start with a great pre program.

1- use a PPO, Valor or Authority.

2- metribuzin

3- a yellow

All these products cannot be used post, so why not use them pre. They also have some burndown in them. I would still throw roundup plus another BD product (in your NONgmo case, paraquat).

Do all that and you will be clean clean clean.

I have seen narrower row beans, 15 & drill, close the row quick enough and not need a post pass, using this program.

Doesn’t happen every year, but it does happen.

Don’t mess around with the other SB Pres.

This program is the best.

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What yellow do you use? I could see 25 bucks in that pass. Do you have recipe and cost you would be willing to share? I was thinking of trying some MTZ Next year with the valor.

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The yellow all depends on if you will till or not.

Or how soon after you spray, you will till.

Treflan or sonalan is cheap. But it has to be incorporated ASAP.

Prowl H2O or Satellite Hydrocap if you are no-tilling or can’t work the ground for some time.

Teens to 20s depending on rates and name brand vs generic.

Don't be afraid to spend good money on SB pres.

You only get 1 chance to get it right.

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We run tredlan or prowl down (depending if it is notilled], authority and metribuzin. Post I spray flex star, select, and pursuit. My beans are cleaner than any traited bean field around. The key to killing waterhemp is to never let it grow.

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Nothing works good. Best luck I've had is Ultra Blazer @ 40 gal/acre with some dyne-amic. Best luck doesn't mean it worked well though. Key is never let them grow like everyone else says above. Zidua and Outlook combinations put on pre emerge, early post, then follow with Dual or Warrant later in the year.

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Ultra Blazer used to kill big waterhemp. Haven’t used it for several years.

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We have been running authority supreme at 8 oz right behind drill then if have to clean them up later run cobra volunteer and a product called bio herb booster at 16 oz to 100 gallons water also added 16oz E-Max 16oz ultra sweet have great results the bio products come from Royal-Grow we can now get them through FBN

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All of our non gmo beans are for high protein

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I’ll try some of that. Are you still using the crop oil with the Cobra?

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No crop oil just the products I listed

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We run 100% NON GMO beans doing it for the specialty market. Like said above we have found the best program has to include a burn down and a pre along with a crop rotation that controls the hard to kill weeds on the other years.

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Please be on narrow row configuration or drilled

Paraquat + Metribuzin + Metochlor Pre (pray for a light activating rain, otherwise lotsa burn)

Fomesafen+ Metolochlor+ surfactant post 3 weeks after emergence

-pray for another activating rain event

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Use a strong pre. We used sonic, thundermaster, acumen, 2,4-d, roundup with ams and mso in no-till situation. Never seen beans so clean. Questioned if we needed a second pass for post. Don’t question. Stick to the spraying schedule.

Key is to not skimp on chemicals in the corn rotation.

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Used trivence ppi this year looks really clean so far fb shaven star with generic select post. Last year had a few escapes hired a weed zapper to come in and hit them nailed them

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Weed zapper?

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This is our 6th year growing non gmo beans. The trivence has 4 weeks residual. Agree you have to start clean.

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The weed zapper is 30 ft wide and puts out 14000 volts so any thing taller than the beans gets fried. All it did to beans was slightly curl upper most leaves but they came out of it and looked normal few days latter.

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The zapper killed the plant and seeds on the weeds.

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In Canada we have a product called valtera. Active ingredient is flumioxazin 51.1%. It is a pre emergence herbicide with waterhemp listed as control on the label. We do not have this weed yet in our area so I can't comment on how well it works

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