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What's a good used 12 row planter to buy for no till and regular planting.


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Case ********* planter out of the box


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Consider looking at a White planter. We have two 8000 series planters now. We have owned Deere's and Kinzie's too, which are good planters as well. The White planters cost less and are much cheaper to maintain and are as good of quality as the other brands. If you are careful in ordering the same size seed(lg/sm rounds or flats) for all of your acres and match your plate size accordingly, with the...



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Look at white we have 6180 12 row, 8523 12 row with splitters and a 6606 which is 6 row splitters. Very simple and easy to work on.


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I use a newer JD 1775 with dry fertilizer on single disc openers, air down force, and Yetter poly twister closing wheels. I think kinze would be nicer to fold unfold, and also easier to do dry fertilizer

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Can’t go wrong with a 3600 *****

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I like my Deere 1720 stack fold with 3bushe boxes on a three point hookup, plants very nice in all conditions and simple without much of the extra “stuff”