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Local Weather Patterns Poll - USA (29-Nov)


Question = Do you agree? My local weather patterns are more extreme vs. 5-years ago. Respond 1=strongly disagree to 5=strongly agree.

Thanks for responding -- More details will be shared about the use of this poll in the NASA presentation at Farmer2Farmer.

    Local Weather Patterns Poll - USA (29-Nov)


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I think you have to ask the older guys that question. I’m 67 and live in north central IN.

I remember in the 70’s and 80’s a lot of hot dry weather. 4 out of 5 yrs were dry or drought on our sandy soils. I moved back to the farm in 87 and we put up a pivot in 90. I tell everyone they should pay me for the pivot because we had great weather for the next 15-15 yrs. In 15 we had 21” rain in June (4”...


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With in a state the weather I feel can vary. Some areas could be more or less extreme on Weather pattern. Interesting survey but don’t feel it’s very accurate If a state was mapped with location of each response and there rating I feel would be usable information.


Sean Roland
FBN Employee

That makes a lot of sense. I'll ask the data analysts if we can do a cluster analysis...

Kevin McNew
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Here's a state level breakdown of responses. This illustrates no general consensus as only a few states show a majority of farmers (>50%) that disagree that weather is more extreme. Those states are IA, MN, ND. And only one state (OH) where the majority of farmers believe weather has gotten more extreme.


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