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Employee time tracking apps and/or software - what are farmers using?

I'm interesting in finding a simple app or software to assist with time tracking for employees. It does not necessarily need to be tied to accounting for payroll but that might be handy. If it has some ability for the user to track time against separate enterprises such as grain - livestock - forage, that would be great. I would appreciate hearing experiences from other farmers.

Thanks for your help - ****


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Thanks **** - I'll take a look at it. Have you used it for keeping track of time spent on different tasks or jobs?


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That I don’t know. My inlaws replaced their time clock with this app. I am planning on using it this summer with my boys.

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SINC Workforce. I believe it’s good for both iPhone and Android.

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Thanks. I'll take a look at it. Have you been using it for awhile?

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Hey ****, we use ezclocker it’s fantastic

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I am using Hours Keeper for an IPhone. It is fairly simple to use, as far as clock in/clock out features. It has an invoice option, but I ha...


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