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What do people like for closing wheels on John Deere corn planter in no-till

Specifically want to know if anyone’s running one dawn curve tine one one side with one rubber wheel on the other and how it works or if someone has better results with something else.


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Check out the2019 becks pfr book. Yetter twister has the best roi followed by ************* and then i believe the ****************. I have ...



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I have had the Exapta's ******** closing wheels on my John Deere 750 and 1590 drills and my White 9812 planter.

I have been continious no ti...


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I have used the standard JD castiron closing wheels for 20+ years in mostly no-till but have used them in tilled ground both corn and beans....


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Running two dawn curve tine They do a pretty good job what I’ve heard is the yetter twisters are the best on the market now

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