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Alternative crops

Has anyone found other crops that grow well, have accessible markets and are profitable in the Cornbelt. I would really like to get more crops in my rotation. We have been growing alfalfa for twenty years and have found that there are huge benefits to having it in the rotation. I feel we have to much pest and disease pressure in corn on corn and corn-soybean rotations.


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I guess to me the mileage doesn’t seem huge. But then again all our commodities have to go at least 180 miles one way. Up to 300 miles for potatoes and alfalfa.

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I have looked into some of the crops above but found that there is no market within 200 miles of my location. Really not much livestock fed around here except for hogs. We can only grow feed quality wheat ( no much humidity), corn is much more profitable as a feed stuff for us.

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Would barley work for you less inputs to grow it and a good yielding crop. Options to grow a malt variety if doesn’t make malt can be used as feed.

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Are you in an area where you could double crop Winter wheat and beans or winter canola and beans.

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I’m very interested in this as well. Following to see what people say. I’m kind of looking into field peas personally but haven’t actually tried any yet

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