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Looking for a farming opportunity in SE Iowa

I am a young farmer and my wife and I are looking to relocate to SE Iowa. I would like to buy or rent a farm, or work with a farmer as a custom operator or hired hand. I currently do custom farming and would like to continue that where there is opportunity. Open to consider a variety of options.

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I’m an old chicken farmer in ne ga. We do poultry cows and a few hundred acres of row crops.

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Give me a call. 563-320-4763

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Are you set on Iowa or would you consider Ohio. I'm looking for a key man/woman to manage field operations and would be happy to help set them up to farm

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Hey mark if the original poster is not interested I would be . From Ontario Canada currently but myself , my wife and three young boys have been wanting to move to the Midwest and do the same thing . If you would like to talk further my email is Thank you kindly

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We are set on se Iowa or possibly ne Missouri. Thanks anyway.

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I live in SE Iowa and might know of a couple possibilities. Washington County to be specific. Can you provide your email address or phone number?

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Thanks for the response. You can call or text me at 717 673 7526.

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Trying to find someone like you in Nebraska, I farm 2300 acres this year and could farm up to 3000, problem is I'm just one guy, father passed away in a farming accident 2 years ago, im 34 and looking for someone to hire and if they are committed would let them rent some ground with me to be involved with the operation.

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Where at in Nebraska?

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Call me could have a opportunity

319 795 1591

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What part of ohio you in mark

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