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Recommendation for a herbicide program for cereal rye?

We're going to drill some cereal rye for our own future cover crop use so I'd like it to be as clean as possible. We're mainly a corn/soybean rotation in central NE. I imagine we could do something similar to wheat, but curious if anyone has any input.

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UNL did a recent study on this same topic in cereal rye. They got excellent control with:

Spring PRE (Acuron 3 qt/ac + glyphosate 32 fl oz/ac) + POST (Status 10 fl oz/ac + glyphosate 32 fl oz/ac)

followed by POST (Status 10 fl oz/ac + glyphosate 32 fl oz/ac)

You can see the entire study in their summary at:

Always read and follow label instructions as to plant back intervals and other restrictions.

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We spray 24d on in the spring when we fertilize it and then glyphosate 10 days prior to harvest.

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